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Module K2 Tab Showcase
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Module K2 Tab Showcase

Price per Unit (piece): $14.50

Feature of module Sot K2 Tab Showcase - Support for 'K2 component' (

- Sot K2 Tab Showcase is Professional module to show your Categories Like a tab with 5 beauty themes and 3 Effects for images.

- This module is very dynamic for you can config how it display for each theme.

- This module allow you show items like showcase. It support 5 kinds of themes for items that you can select from theme1 to theme5.

- It support 3 effects for show large images (Light box, zoom inside box when hover on images, tooltip).

- It support two kinds of display for tabs (Vertical and Horizontal).

- This module provide you many params that you can use to control how module display (color, size, width).


Introduce Params and Features of this module.

  • Allow you select categories or section (each category will be one tab).
  • With 'article ids' param you can select ids of items that you want to show in tabs.
  • Param 'Display type' allow you select Tabs is categories or sections.
  • Module support you to show or not items have no images with param "Show items have no images".




  • Support add link for image and title.
  • Param "Custom URL" support you change link for item with format is :





id1, id2,..,idn are ids of items

  • Param "Custom add new URL" allow you add multiple link for an item.









You can see Demo link for this param at, one item has multi links.


  • This module has params allow you set size for images (small thumb and large thumb).
  • Support 3 effects for show large images (zoom inside box (when hover), light box (when click small images), Tooltip (when hover) ).
  • Support you use original images. That mean large images won't be resized.



  • If you want sort order display of tabs you can use params 'Sort tabs'. It support you put ids of categories
  • Support config number items display in each tabs (each category).
  • Support config number of rows and colums in tabs.
  • You can change text of readmore link.
  • Support show readmore link.
  • Support show created Date.
  • Support show author.
  • Support show read times.



  • You can select type that module display (vertical or horizontal) with param  "Select tab type".
  • Support 2 select when you want change tab (click or hover).
  • Support 2 effect display items when change tabs (normal and fade).
  • Support 5 theme (from 1 to 5).
  • You can set width for module and box of items (default is 'auto').
  • Support 'tab background color'.
  • Support 'text tab color'.
  • Support 'tab actived background color'.
  • Support 'tab hover color', 'text tab hover color'.
  • Support 'header tab background color'.
  • Support 'border module color'.
  • Support 'background module color'.

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