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My name is Richard Fraser and I run Sky of Tech. I have built this site because I want to help people get up to speed with what's happening in the IT world - especially in the cloud computing sector.

I work as a Solutions Architect for a small company, helping my colleagues leverage the computing power and the advanced technologies which are offered by the top cloud computing platforms.

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Key Cloud Computing Services


Software as a Service is an application licensing model in which the software is hosted on one or more servers and is licensed using subscriptions. End users utilize browsers to access SaaS apps.


Platform as a Service allows developers to rent scalable cloud-based infrastructures. This makes it easy to develop applications without worrying about maintaining the hardware and software.


Infrastructure as a Service provides virtualized, cloud-based computing resources. The cloud service vendor provides the infrastructure, the virtualization layer and the required services.

Public cloud computing market forecast

New IT technologies - artificial intelligence, for example - continue to help the cloud computing industry grow. Third-party factors, such as data security and compliance rules and regulations have helped boost the cloud sector as well.

While small businesses will often rely on public cloud services, which are less expensive, more and more mid-sized and large organizations which value their data prefer to use private clouds.

The infographic shows the public cloud computing market forecast for the 2018-2022 interval. Sources: Gartner, Data Alliance.


Need code for your cloud computing project?

I am an IT professional with over 10 years of experience in the field. I have created several projects using all the major cloud computing platforms: Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud.

Here are a few of my specialties:

- Cloud security;

- Backup systems;

- Disaster recovery;

- AI platforms;

- Multi-cloud and hybrid solutions.

Contact me for a free consultation. Let's use the power of cloud computing to help your business grow, while keeping all its important data secure!

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